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is 39-year-old gerardo hernandez. on the job since 2010. transferred recently to los angeles from montana. the first-ever tsa officer killed in the line of duty. >> it's shocking. very nice guy. i'm speechless. i'm shocked. >> reporter: and the shooter, the fbi releasing his picture over night. paul ciancia, a 23-year-old l.a. resident, whom authorities say opened fire with a high-power rifle, inside terminal three early friday morning. >> we have an active shooting in terminal three. >> reporter: witnesses describe a chaotic scene, saying he started shooting right outside the security checkpoint. as police raced in, he made it all the way to the back of the terminal, near the departure gates. passengers ducked for cover. some even hid in a bathroom stall. officers had their guns drawn, yelling at passengers to drop to the floor. >> everybody on the floor. on the floor, now. >> reporter: and after people ran as fast as they could -- >> go, go. >> reporter: the panic and lockdown that followed blocked ambulances from getting close, causing rescuers to race hundreds of yards to get
gerardo hernandez, the father of two, found himself in the line of fire, read a brief statement to reporters outside their home. >> i am truly devastated. we are all heartbroken and we'll miss him dearly. >> reporter: this morning, the iconic pillars of light, the symbol of l.a.x., 100 feet tall, are lit tsa blue in honor of the slain tsa man. as of this morning, all airlines, all terminals for the first time are back to normal operations. but as you can imagine for the many who work here and the thousands passes through, it's not easy to shake this. bianna? >> so many people still rattled by that event. david, all right, thanks to you. >>> while the suspect's motive remains a mystery this morning, we're learning more about the people who knew him, there are warning signs who could hold clues as to why he went on the shooting spree targeting tsa workers. abc's gio benitez has been covering the story. good morning. >> reporter: some of his classmates said that he was bullied. and that nobody really knew him. he was a so-called loaner and really, his life was a secret. this mornin
tsa agent gerardo hernandez, injure two other tsa agents and a teacher at the airport. ciancia is in critical condition, unable to speak. >>> exclusive internal memos obtained by abc news show that applications by phone or mail are facing the same problems as those on the health care website. they are using the same flawed computer system. one memorandum describes the paper applications as an effort to buy time. >>> and the biggest anti-american demonstration is under way in tehran. protesters are stomping on the american flag. and starting fires, marking 34 years since the iranian hostage crisis. >>> a bizarre admission from the mayor of toronto. rob ford says he's sorry for, and i quote, being hammered, end quote, in public. he refuses to resign. he did not address allegations that he smokes crack cocaine. >>> and a taxi dash cam was rolling when this driver lost control on a busy highway. take a look. just before the road splits in two outside jerusalem, the driver suddenly swerves, slams into the side of a van, bounces back over the median. finally plowing into a railing. s
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3